For over 15 years, your Dental Care Foundation has been providing access to care to kids in our community through our Mobile Dental Clinic.  That clinic is now gone because grants that sustained it are no longer available despite the miracles we have been able to perform year after year. 


It's time for a new miracle - and we need YOU!  While we have been providing care quietly behind the scenes, the time has come for us to COME OUT and show the community exactly how generous and concerned YOU THE DENTISTS really are! Starting now, your 100% tax-deductible donation will be used to greatly leverage collaboration with other local dental organizations that help the community and to keep a strong pool of talented auxiliary trained and ready for a great career and to help in YOUR offices.  And at the same time, we will demonstrate to the media, the community, and everyone how AMAZINGLY GENEROUS the dental community is! You as dentists will get more public recognition of your generosity than ever before.  


4 out of 10 people in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties receive no dental care. You do what you can in your offices, but we all know the need is greater than that. In this time of so many crises, grants for dental care are fewer and fewer.

It is with pride that DENTISTS will now be the grant-givers making the difference to vital organizations in our community.  You already do so much for the public by giving your time and talents.  Any gift of your treasure right now to your Dental Care Foundation will be magnified to provide much-needed care to those who would otherwise not see a dentist. 


Your Santa Barbara-Ventura Counties Dental Care Foundation works hard behind the scenes every day to make your profession stronger.  Won't you now step up to make your Santa Barbara-Ventura Counties Dental Care Foundation even stronger to provide more visibility of DENTISTS contributions to keeping our community healthy?


Please, take a moment of your time to give today.  To donate, you can call us anytime at

805-648-7282 or find the donation link at under “SBVCD Dental Care Foundation.”  However you do it... just do it today!  We will send you a tax-deduction receipt, and you will be acknowledged by your peers all year in our newsletter.  We will also get local news stations and press to cover the tremendous work being done.  You are the face of dentistry and we are going to show everyone just how generous dentists are!


We are YOUR Dental Society and Dental Care Foundation, and we need YOU!


Ron Hunter                                                                              Linda Lacunza

President                                                                                 Executive Director